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Clipping Path: Image Cut-out Services from Pixomizer

To put it simply, Clipping Path is a process of removing background and cutting out image of an object using photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. The term has become extremely popular in the past decade in photo editing industry.

Many people may also refer to Clipping Path as a ‘closed vector path’ or ‘shape’. Again it can also be called as deep etching. When the clipping path is applied to an object in a raw image, everything on the inside of the ‘line’, or ‘path’, is included in the final cut and everything outside is left behind.

Using this technique you can remove anything unwanted on your final image– whether it’s a background or other unwanted element like a shadow or display stand or anything else.

after background removal frog at before background removal frog

Sample Works

Unlike other image processing companies, we perform all sorts of photo editing services including Clipping Path and Product Photo Editing by hand. Have a look at our works here.

You need Clipping Path for:

  • Getting the image only by removing background- be it product or other object image- to display your product or service on website or other formats.
  • Masking out or hiding background without actually removing the background – useful when designing catalogue.
  • Selecting and editing a specific area/region, or change the shape of an image.
  • Doing multi-clipping path in order to select individual areas within an image- useful for colour corrections.

Think Before You Decide on Clipping Path- Manual or Other Types

For removing unwanted elements from an image or simply removing background, you search in the internet and come across numerous tools and method in the age of internet marketing. But the manual hand tools used by Pixomizer executes the clipping path jobs precisely and neatly for the customer from around the globe. You will ultimately find yourself wasting your time if you do not opt for manual clipping paths when you need such jobs- not necessary you must choose us.

Why Choose Us for Clipping Path?

We always employ highly qualified Graphic Institute graduates and skill them up after recruitment on a continuous basis. Again, these deft craftsmen are not the sole differentiator in Pixomizer. Because always adopt the latest technologies in photo editing industry. At Pixomizer, latest Pen tools are used to ensure precision in removing background or getting rid off unwanted elements in the raw image that bother you. We found from our experience that simple auto selection tools like Magic Wand are not enough for coming up with results that make you happy at the end of day with clear crisp images. Therefore, we curated a combination of skilled & talented workforce with latest technology in graphics design for freezing the best results every time for our customers.

So Pixomizer will never let you down if you show up with raw images and want those to be edited as you want at the best price for your dollars. We can offer you the exact same quality or better as any other Graphics Design company of Europe or Australia at a much lower price only due to our production facility and experience of years in the industry.

Pixomizer is here for serving your needs for quality photo editing. ‘Highest quality for the best price’ in the market is our motto. We accept order irrespective of the quantity. Because we understand your needs- you may require a very small quantity of images to be edited for a specific purpose. Again we also accept large or bulk order- 1000+ or more to deliver within any turnaround time. When we promise to serve you, we are able to deliver on time with a guarantee that you will not have to come back for a revision. However we offer unlimited revisions at the fastest possible time to see you happy and successful in your business.

Our price starts at $0.49 and can be delivered at your convenience within 6, 12, 18, 24 to 96 hours turnaround. So just get a FREE Quote, place an order and download your images ready to be used! Pricing depends on the complexity of the raw images. Images may be categorized as Basic or simple, Complex, Compound and Extremely Complex and prices may vary accordingly. Therefore for getting a highly competitive pricing, just fill up the ‘Get a Free Quote’ attaching 3-4 test images and we will be mailing you a fair quote within an hour.

So test your service and you will find that the images we edit really work for your business. We work hard to see you successful in your business.