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Image Masking: Advanced Photoshop Services

Clipping Path is not always useful in removing background while you are trying to wipe away blurred or fuzzy edges around an object in the image. Rather than taking resort to Clipping Path, Advanced Photoshop Masking techniques are used here in Pixomizer for getting rid of the blurred or fuzzy edges of an object downgrading image quality of your object. Therefore, when you are in need of such advance background removal, We provide Advance Masking Services with Photoshop for wiping out bad edges from your product or other images.

For removing background of image containing critical blurry or fuzzy elements like hair, two types of techniques are taken resort to- using an image as mask or identifying a region of interest.

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Sample Works

Unlike other image processing companies, we perform all sorts of photo editing services including Clipping Path and Product Photo Editing by hand. Have a look at our works here.

Knowing the image masking jargon won’t help getting the critical job done. So at Pixomizer we take care of all the technical stuff plus add our experience of many years to come up with flawless images without backgrounds- be there a tiny little blowing hair or fuzz around your object. Realizing that a minor flaw can mar the entire good job, our stubborn QA team ensures a final image leaving no scope for revisions even though we cannot ignore our customers if they ask for any.

You need Masking Service for:

  • Removing background of image containing hair or the like objects.
  • Removing background of image with fuzzy edges like flying threads or the like objects.
  • Removing background of image with transparent objects.

You shouldn’t use Masking Service:

  • When your image has solid or sharp edge noticeable clearly around the object/product there ( opt for Clipping Path please)
  • When background and the object in the image have similar or same color making it tough to differentiate.

We use Background Eraser tool available in Photoshop to deal with critical background removal having fuzzy or hairy elements around the object. But it is not just about using a tool for attaining the best results, rather it requires utilizing your wisdom and skill plus utmost concentration of your best craftsmen. At Pixomizer, highly trained graphics designers put their best and work out manually- bit by bit- to get rid of bad blurry edges to produce images that look sophisticated and professional. So it is our responsibility to produce results, you just drop your raw images with few words of instructions.

We are here for serving your needs for quality photo editing so that your business flourish faster. ‘Highest quality for the best price’ in the market is our motto. Depending on your need- be it 5-10 images for a small project or any bulk order of 1000+ image we are able to deliver on time with a guarantee that you will not have to come back for a revision. However we offer unlimited revisions at the fastest possible time to see you happy and successful in your business. Our price starts at $0.39 and can be delivered at your convenience within 6, 12, 18, 24 to 96 hours turnaround. So just get a FREE Quote, place an order and download your images ready to be used!

So test your service and you will find that the images we edit really work for your business. We work hard to see you successful in your business.