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Photo Retouching: Image Improving Service

Photoshop retouching, airbrushing or photoshopping etc may be referred to the job of improving the look and feel of an photo. In photo editing industry, Image Retouching job involves but not limited to changing different elements and aspects of an image using different tools preferably available in Photoshop for achieving a desired look in an image.

Sometimes Photo Editing and Photo Retouching may be misunderstood as similar. But they are not though there are similarities between them. Photo editing involves correcting light, exposure, color or even editing and adding some minor branding etc which may take a minute or two for a simple complexity image. Whereas Photo Retouching refers to detailed and intense editing process and it can be said that Retouching starts where Photo Editing ends.

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Sample Works

Unlike other image processing companies, we perform all sorts of photo editing services including Clipping Path and Product Photo Editing by hand. Have a look at our works here.

Photo Retouching service may take up to 20 minutes or more for a single image depending on the level of complexity. Photo Retouching may involve jobs like removing blemishes, brightening teeth, smoothing skin, or even removing an unsightly wire etc which may be referred to Simple Retouching. Whereas Extensive Retouching may involve removing a person from an image, compositing several images together, or completely changing the background of an image for achieving a desired aura or look in a photograph on a clients suggestion/requirement.  

You may have taken proper and the most care while taking the photo or image, but the images may need to do some tricky makeup or improvements for reaching a professional and aesthetic look. It is kind of beautification aspect added to the ‘selfie’ camera of today’s Smartphone- iPhone or Android whatever it is.

Adding warmth, glow and brightness required for a specific purpose or restoring skin details, texture on a dim photo or establishing an image to it’s original color and tone in an outdoor or indoor situation require expert photo retouching service. And here comes Pixomizer Ltd with expertise in our well balanced team of photoshop specialists for delivering any sort of Image Retouching service within any turnaround.

You need Image Retouching for:

  • Removing supporting strings or sticks, pedestals, blu-tack, hooks or any kind of stands coming along with your product photos while taking the shot.
  • Correcting or improving skin tone of the person in the photo in case of Human Image being retouched
  • Beautifying a model by taking control of clothes, accessories, surroundings etc with the help of Airbrushing tool in Photoshop.
  • Getting rid of natural errors like scratches or dust from your photos to come up with a flawless, sophisticated and almost-perfect image for your purpose.

Taking Care of Overdoing Things: when retouching photos or images by removing blemishes, dust/scratches or blu-tack etc, it is a matter of holding common sense to check against overdoing things. Venturing into nailing a perfect image, a natural gesture of model can come out artificial or lifeless turning the whole effort into a failure. Therefore, our photo editing experts at Pixomizer Studio always take care of maintaining natural look and feel while applying retouching tools.

We are here for serving your needs for quality photo editing so that your business flourish faster. ‘Highest quality for the best price’ in the market is our motto. Depending on your need- be it 5-10 images for a small project or any bulk order of 1000+ image we are able to deliver on time with a guarantee that you will not have to come back for a revision. However we offer unlimited revisions at the fastest possible time to see you happy and successful in your business. Our price starts at $0.49 and can be delivered at your convenience within 6, 12, 18, 24 to 96 hours turnaround. So just get a FREE Quote, place an order and download your images ready to be used!

So test your service and you will find that the images we edit really work for your business. We work hard to see you successful in your business.