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Photo Retouching: Image Improving Service from Pixomizer

Photoshop retouching, airbrushing or photoshopping etc may be referred to the job of improving the look and feel of an photo. In photo editing industry, Image Retouching job involves but not limited to changing different elements and aspects of an image using different tools preferably available in Photoshop for achieving a desired look in an image.

Sometimes Photo Editing and Photo Retouching may be misunderstood as similar. But they are not though there are similarities between them. Photo editing involves correcting light, exposure, color or even editing and adding some minor branding etc which may take a minute or two for a simple complexity image. Whereas Photo Retouching refers to detailed and intense editing process and it can be said that Retouching starts where Photo Editing ends.

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Unlike other image processing companies, we perform all sorts of photo editing services including Clipping Path and Product Photo Editing by hand. Have a look at our works here.