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Vector Raster Conversion Services from Pixomizer

Opposite to Raster images which are made up of series of pixels, Vector images  store visual information on mathematical instructions arranged by x and y-axis. Because of this, Vector images do not get distorted if these are reproduced in different sizes unlike Raster images. Due to their flexibility in reproduction and relatively smaller file sizes, Vector images are suitable for using in websites.

The most important reason for vectorizing a raster image is to achieve the ability to scale it which is not possible in raster image without being converted from vectors. When it comes to enlarging an image the pixels per inch (ppi) or density per inch (dpi) turns out to be a deciding factor. Because the greater the numbers in ppi or dpi in an image the better for enlarging or scaling it for various purpose like optimizing a logo or graphic in your site.

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Unlike other image processing companies, we perform all sorts of photo editing services including Clipping Path and Product Photo Editing by hand. Have a look at our works here.